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Business advice for start-ups and new businesses

Whether you are starting a new business or taking your existing business to the next level, good business advice can be invaluable. Start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs can find guides, practical advice and business support. Information for new businesses can be found from Business Link and other government websites, but specific advice or niche industries may require specialist business support.

The best business advice comes from those who have experience in your field. Talk to entrepreneurs about their successful businesses and get an insight into how they became successful. Can you emulate their success? Get pointers on how to be successful in business, whatever your field or industry.

Forming business relationships, even with your competitors, can ensure you have the best insight into your industry and good networking can be an alternative to paying for specific advice. You may be lucky enough to find a business mentor, who can impart their knowledge and experience of running a successful company.

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