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Business Directories - find wholesalers and trade suppliers

Business directories allow you to find trade suppliers such as wholesalers and importers to buy goods; find business services for your business or simply network with other businesses, as they are a good source of contacts, leads and customer base.

The most popular business directory is the online business directory and these now replace many paper distributed business directories.

If you are looking for a trade supplier, a wholesaler or a manufacturer to purchase goods from; or if you are looking for a retailer or other business to sell your goods or services to, then simply enter keywords and other information such as location and price into the search box and you can search from thousands of businesses and trade suppliers.

Searching an online business directory is a great source for business networking. As well as finding business services to help with the running and management of your company, you will often to be able to target potential partners and customers, as well as researching your competitors.

Business directories are also useful in the business procurement process. You may be able to source cheaper products and services from overseas suppliers - the Chinese market for example. Business directories such as alibaba allow you to find trade suppliers from China and source the cheapest deals allowing you to keep your business costs to a minimum whilst maximising profits.