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Business Networking

Business Network - promote yourself and generate business

Businesses and individuals have always networked with each other to promote themselves and generate business. This is now achieved online, and business networking websites allow you to reach a global audience.

You can build up a circle of trusted business colleagues and friends. You can connect to your business partners and through them join with people in their business network. With introductions to other members you can create new business connections and meet prospective business partners.

Online Business Social Networks

The role of social networks has helped business networking expand to a global level. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can access business partnerships in a globalised world. Business social networks aim to connect you with other business people. By making introductions you are able to network with a much larger group of people than you may in your day to day business.

Facebook is a popular social networking tool and is used as a marketing tool by many businesses. However it is not seen as a serious business tool for professional networking. LinkedIn is the a social networking website aimed at business professionals to promote themselves and form new business relationships. Business Contacts takes this one step further and has the tools to source new suppliers or new buyers and form new business deals online too. For example you may be looking for products from a wholesaler - you may want to source cheaper deals from markets such as China. You would be able to search for a wholesaler or for bespoke products go direct to the manufactuer. Similar global trade services are provided by alibaba and other websites.